Presentation "Before the language"

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The project “Abans el llenguatge / Before the language” was born from the invitation Nora Ancarola received from the Lo Pati Art Centre to hold an exhibition. A project that goes beyond the framework of an exhibition, in which other artists and cultural agents have joined in and which has unfolded in three different dynamics:
1) A group exhibition at Lo Pati curated by Aida Boix, including works by Nora Ancarola, Camila Barcellone and Diana Rangel.
2) The work of psychoanalyst Celeste Reyna and Nora Ancarola with the communities of the Pere Mata Terres de l’Ebre Foundation (FPMTE) and the School of Art and Design of Amposta (ESARDI).
3) This publication is presented in Santa Monica.

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Presentació “Abans el llenguatge”