Guided tour of "Towards the Gods", with Ingrid Guardiola (interpretation with sign language)

12:0013:00 h
Bòlit_PouRodó Plaça Pou Rodó 7-9, 17004 Girona Bòlit_LaRambla, Sala Fidel Aguilar Rambla de la Llibertat 1, 17004 Girona Bòlit_StNicolau Plaça de Santa Llúcia 1, 17007 Girona
Price: Free event
Guided tour

Girona is very much influenced by its fluvial appearance. The river invites us to interact ecologically with the territory, but it also serves as a space for the creation of metaphors that can be a necessary tool from a conceptual, creative or vital point of view. “Towards the Gods” is a pretext for creating a transitional community of works, mostly starring artists who have worked on the work-nature relationship and, in particular, the river imaginary.

Saturday, December 11, 2021



Visita guiada de “Cap a les Deus”, amb Ingrid Guardiola  (interpretació amb llenguatge de signes)