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The “Petromasculinities” project takes its name from the concept that political science professor Cara Daggett proposes and develops in her article “Petro-masculinity: Fossil Fuels and Authoritarian Desire”. As the diagram that Daggett has created especially for this exposition shows, the set of issues that revolve around this concept is very broad and extends through a complex web of connections and correspondences.


Oil not only represents the basis of so-called “fossil capitalism” but has also historically contributed to the creation of a series of eminently masculine identities and imaginaries that very often translate into authoritarian manifestations and practices. And it is that, indeed, from the moment of its extraction of the terrestrial subsoil to its combustion, happening through its distribution and commercialization, the oil is directly related to diverse forms of violence.


Beyond the testosterone imaginaries of certain subcultures of motoring and motoring, the footprint of petromasculinity is identified in the realm of geopolitics, economics, industry, labor, climate, or gender. Based on the three projects included, this exhibition aims to put words, images and sounds into the notion of petromasculinity and vindicate it as a sharp critical look that is very useful and timely in the context of the current eco-social crisis.

Cabosanroque, Andrés Hispano, Fèlix Pérez-Hita and Cara Daggett

Curator: Arnau Horta

From October 22, 2021 to January 9, 2022