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19:0021:30 h
Venue: Homesession
Creu Dels Molers, 15
08004 Barcelona
Price: Free event

P E G A  is a one-night exhibition with works by Isa Carrillo , Adélaïde Feriot and Céline Mathieu at Homesession, Barcelona. There will be a series of tableaux vivants by Adélaïde Feriot throughout the opening.
Linked by numbers through Isa Carrillo’s eye for numerology, Adélaïde Feriot’s play on live translated spoken landscapes and Céline Mathieu’s fluid sculptures, P E G A glues together the diverging work of three artists.

Adélaïde Feriot. Paris, France, 1985
Searching to make images with tactile and temporal phenomena, Adelaïde Feroit notions of makes tableaux vivants. These living images play on notions of time and perception.
Her work has been presented at Artissima Lido in Turin, FRAC Lorraine in Metz, CAC Parc Saint-Léger, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Biennale of contemporary art in Lyon, CIAP island of Vassivière, Gallery Samy Abraham in Paris, Tabacalera in Madrid, Maison des arts de Laval in Quebec, CAFA art museum in Pékin.

Isa Carrillo. Guadalajara, Mexico, 1982
Isa Carrillo’s artistic production is profoundly influenced by mysticism notions. Based on the exploration of graphology, palmistry, astrology, numerology, the use of the pendulum and oracles as the I-ching, which she uses as tools, her work proposes other ways to signify experiences.
Her work has been exhibited in Diego Rivera Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City, Museum of Painters in Oaxaca, Zapopan Art Museum (MAZ), Museum of the City of Guadalajara, Forum for Art and Culture, Ex Convento del Carmen, Cultural Modern Art Center, Sala Juarez, TRAMA Center, Museum-Studio Clemente Orozco,…

Céline Mathieu. Antwerp, Belgium, 1989
Céline Mathieu works with the entanglement of mind and matter. Her work investigates minds, selves and 21st century artefacts. It mainly takes the shape of prose, objects, essays and performances.
Her work has been shown at Extra City Kunsthal Antwerpen (2018), and performed with CMMC at Trampoline gallery, Poppositions Brussels, Rotterdam Wo Meine Sonne Scheint, Hamburg P/ART and Manchester Castlefield Gallery. Her first solo exhibition took place at AIR Antwerp. With designer Christophe Clarijs she collaborates as ‘Fellow Beings’ on the editorial design of Tubelight, and publications for the writers-in-residence at Van Eyck.

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