El Corralito open its first Crodwfunding

Venue: El Corralito
Calle Sant Leopold 63
08221 Terrassa
Price: Free event

El Corralito CCA has set out to improve and refurbish its space for artistic creations, in order to offer a dignified and quality service to its residents. For this reason, it has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign through the well-known platform Goteo.org.

The campaign will be active until the end of June. The operation of this funding method is very easy and intuitive. All you have to do is enter the following link: goteo.cc/elgalliner or enter the goteo.org platform and search for the project “El Galliner” of El Corralito and choose what donation you want to make in exchange for the rewards offered by the centre.

El Corralito CCA is a self-managed community of young creatives that has been developing projects in the field of art and culture since 2015. The project is based on facilitating collective participation between different artists in the city, in order to articulate and strengthen the cultural and artistic fabric of the city. The center develops its activity by placing people and their capacity to intervene as protagonists, with the intention of transforming social and cultural dynamics.

With this crowdfunding, the Corralito aims to refurbish the centre, to make it a more complete and well-equipped space for its artists and citizens of the city in general. We want to reach more people and continue weaving a cultural, artistic and critical web in the city of Terrassa.

El Corralito CCA is a community of artistic and cultural creation self-managed by young creators from Terrassa since 2015.

You will find us at C/Sant Leopold, 63 (Terrassa)

Instagram: @elcorralitocca
Facebook: @corralitocca
Email: elcorralitocc@gmail.com

El Corralito llença el seu primer Crowdfunding