Thursday of radio and podcasts / Shared Knowledge

19:0020:00 h
Venue: Santa Mònica
La Rambla, 7
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Shared Knowledge is a space created by Diana Rangel (artist in residence in the field of Mediation and Education) where, through the interests and concerns of local entities, transdisciplinary learning devices are generated with the aim of proposing playful and transversal ways for critical reflection on the problems that are at stake at the local level.

The projects generated can take different forms, developing through a series of workshops, dialogues and conversations, as well as year-long research that culminates in a presentation, an event, an exhibition or a publication, always with the idea that the art centre is not only a place for exhibitions and artistic activities, but a space that generates critical reflection on local dynamics.

For their first project, the space has been designed in collaboration with the Surt Foundation to form a group of women who work through video, photography and performance on themes that cross them, such as migration and violence.

For Radio Santa Mònica we invite you to a conversation with some of the members of the group, who will share what they have worked on and tell us about their processes and experiences.


Dijous de ràdio i podcasts / Coeixement Compartit