Cycle “Rituals. La nit mística”

18:0017:00 h
Venue: El Corralito
Calle Sant Leopold 63
08221 Terrassa

On 1, 2 and 3 July the Corralito CCA presents the curatorial cycle “Rituals. La nit mística” by Cecília Coca Peña, David Corral Lamelas and Albert Garcia Baltanas, within the framework of the Comissariat d’Arts Visuals del Servei de Cultura de Terrassa.

Rituals. The Mystical Night

We understand this curatorial cycle as a ritual in itself, through a research group that reviews concepts such as community, mysticism or territory and the imaginaries associated with them. The proposal aims to be a way of recovering sobriety in the ways of life here and there.

It will not be about formulating great artistic discourses, but about giving cultural workers the possibility of creating spaces for action that can convert the values that have made them precarious: learning the means of production to generate our own narratives, looking for the already established ones. During the event, we will count on the interventions of Marc Sempre-Moya, María García Ruiz and Andrea Soto Calderón.

The first interventions will take place on 1, 2 and 3 July, as part of the Festa Major de Terrassa, with the artist Marc Sempere-Moya.

Marc Sempere-Moya is a multidisciplinary artist in the fields of philosophy, music, film and the performing arts, interested in the limits between the individual and the world. He has recently released Canto Cósmico. Niño de Elche, a feature film he directed with Leire Apellaniz. In 2014 he directed the film El baile del vetlatori, about the importance of community rituals. In the same vein, Memòria (2018), Cosmos (2019), Comunió (2020) and Litúrgia (2022) stand out. He is the founder of the collective CDG (Compartir Dona Gustet), with which he has promoted numerous social and cultural initiatives, including popular paellas.

Marc Sempere-Moya’s life and artistic career has always been marked by the proximity of the Committee. In this cycle, we review three films from his filmography, which give us the opportunity to examine the country in three blocks: politics, tradition and art. Three different ways of understanding and seeing the country. Each film will be followed by a debate with the audience and a person from the city linked to the specific theme. On the last day, the artist will organise a paella-ritual for all those attending the cycle.


Friday 1 July 18h – Screening of the film “Squat. La ville est à nous!” A film by Christophe Coello, produced by CP-Productions. This film was screened for the first time in Spain. For several years, from 2003 to 2011, Christophe Coello filmed from the inside the actions of “Thousands of homes”, a Barcelona group dedicated to occupying buildings in the middle of a real estate boom. A film that recovers actions that arouse as much suspicion as sympathy, but which highlights the economic and social situation of today’s Barcelona, which is sometimes truly tragic. In the film we can see how they get involved in different social struggles, the celebration of the First of May or the continuous effort to trobar and maintain the Common. After the film there will be an open debate with PAH Terrassa and Marc Sempere-Moya.

Dissabte 2 juliol 17h – Projecció de la pel-lícula “Ball del vetlatori” A film by Marc Sempere-Moya, produced by Promarfi Futuro 2010.

The traditional “Ball del vetlatori” was a ritual that was celebrated when a child died, with a community to help overcome the pain. After the death of his son, Tomàs returns to his village to go back to his people and try to refer to his life. The dance of the vetlla, a funeral ritual that has disappeared, and the poem ”La casa, llaura sí” by the Valencian writer Vicent Andrés Estellés, help us to understand and accompany Tomás in the journey of his mourning. A path between poetic fiction and documentary reality. A pioneer in the use of crowdfunding, the film is part of the transmedia work El ball del vetlatori, which is promoted by the Compartir Dóna Gustet collective as part of the Arròs Movie project. After the film there will be an open debate with Marc García and Marc Sempere-Moya.

Dissabte 2 juliol 19.30h – Projecció de la pel-lícula “Canto Cósmico. Niño de Elche” A film by Marc Sempere-Moya, Leire Apellaniz, produced by Señor y Señora, Código Sur. Premiered for best direction at the Guadalajara Film Festival (Mexico). 8 nominations for the Goya Award. With a kaleidoscopic perspective, this documentary takes a look at the life and work of one of the most controversial artists of recent years, Niño de Elche. Conventions, tradition and politics have offered this creator, while art has been the way to overcome limitations and go beyond them. What is fire? Who is Niño de Elche? Two questions. One answer: freedom.

Niño de Elche was a child produced in the flamenco community. As a teenager he began to transgress the flamenco canon. Then he violently confronted his family and the aficionados of flamenco singing to this day. In fighting for his freedom, he recovered the essence of flamenco, which has always been alien to the rigidity of orthodosis.

Sunday 3 July 12h – PAELLA-RITUAL.

On the last day, the artist will generate a paella-ritual for all those attending this cycle. The event will activate a discourse on everything that is the mate of cooking, a ritual of waiting that imposes the cooking time.

What is the ritual of the volcano? What is the tradition? How is it created? What is ours? Why does a rice allow us to go deeper? Tradition, a terrain so rich that the more you explore it, the more questions it raises.

Attendees to all the films, free of charge
Named attendees of the paella: 7 euros.
Prior registration is required


Cicle  “Rituals. La nit mística”