Carolina Campos i Márcia Lança. Es solo un día (It’s Just One Day)

16:0000:00 h
Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event
Arts en Viu

A way of evoking the transgression of the short story through staged speculative fiction. A live writing apparatus lasting eight hours that reveals the construction of a flow of narratives founded on an unstable surface, on the contagion between word and gesture. The artists propose to imagine worlds in which reality and fiction touch and blend. They take the ruins of discourse as a place of power and fictionalise the present on the basis of listening to the place where they find themselves. The audience can take away a publication produced live that contains a different text each time.


Carolina Campos, from Brazil and now living in Barcelona, works in the fields of dance and the performing arts. She is artist in residence at El Graner (2022) and also at La Escocesa. Márcia Lança is Portuguese and lives in Lisbon. In 2008, she founded VAGAR and is its artistic director. Campos and Lança have been collaborating since 2016 on creations and on research into Composing in Real Time. Together they created the works NOMBRE (2017), OTRO LADO ES UN DÍA (2021) and ES SOLO UN DÍA (2022). They co-curated the Performing Arts Advanced Programme PACAP 5 2021/2022 – Lisbon together with João Fiadeiro and Daniel Pizamiglio.

Carolina Campos i Márcia Lança. És només un dia