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"COME ON, YOU CAN DO THAT" - Mikel Escobales

Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The Blueproject Foundation presents the exhibition “Come on, you can do that” by Mikel Escobales (Aretxabaleta, 1991), the first artist in residency in 2019, selected in the last open call. The show will take place at the Sala Project, from January 25 to March 17, 2019.

“During the winter I heard somewhere that the sun magnetises matter. I listened to the objects. There is where images got in touch with each other, there is where I allowed open structures to unfold. I was following a script as wise as secrets, but with precise orifices for those who came to see me. Who doesn’t doubt before the belief of having completed something? You lie. Doesn’t the thing doubt itself? Conversations allowed me to have command over my own sounds. A different course of action was fading, which is why I craved this subtle hardness. I understood the lucidity of rubbish. I played like a child with wooden connectors an afternoon not so long ago. On a different night, in the midst of the vast green, I saw the lighthouse’s death rattle. I was fascinated by the mechanical, evil-like hue of that light. I wanted to crawl across the bottom of anthills. My desires were clear-cut: a vaulted ceiling in the sewers, a train on my living hands. Perspective will catch up with him, I thought, perspective means intending something for somebody else’s eyes. I made and made. I wasn’t concerned with signifying. I substituted gravity with white knots and black knots, tight like nets. A vertical appeared like a physical presence. You went around it, it seemed to curse you from its strange equilibrium, and you came out with the desire to touch a diadem. Any genesis is mysterious. In the inception of actions lies a restless future. Magic consists in knowing without knowing. Meanwhile, the curves I segmented were dancing. The layout went over the edges of the board. Things I whispered very quietly started to feel alien. My workshop was contaminated by light. He who comes back, has seen twice? You lie. Would I not be touch with blindness? At the same time, I guess it is expected of me to talk about what I brought. At this point, I will tell you that time embraces erosion. Many boxes became disfigured on the way here. I also came up with, as you know, these cables. I would dare to look for the violet echo over the sheets, its eagerness to be the same thing that a thick pair of glasses perceives. Mine is the loving care in what it breathes out altogether, ours is the technique at the service of intuition, not always prioritising what was thought out. All here, in the moment, towards meaning. When I met you, I was still waiting for you. You too were obsessed by strange places. You spoke of facts all the time. I have spread out the veil of these walls. Capable, you will recognize in me the one looking after this last armful. In my language, a stage is any unthinkable experiment.”

Text by Álvaro Guijarro