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REPLICA - Philippe Decrauzat

Venue: Blueproject Foundation
Princesa, 57
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

The Blueproject Foundation presents the solo exhibition “Replica”, by the artist Philippe Decrauzat (Switzerland, 1974) which will be shown at Sala Project from June 20 to October 13, 2019.
“Replica” presents previously unseen painting and one 16mm film. Abstraction is revealed in perceptive effects both in the paintings, through his well-known line patterns, and in the film, using the marbling in the Mies van der Rohe pavilion as a starting point.
“Wavelength, (rewind / forward)” (2019) are two similar shaped-canvas paintings with four undulations facing each other. The same black curve is repeated throughout the canvas. Drawing an interrupted signal, the space switches directions and reframes the pattern. An image of a double curtain, open and frozen in its movement, whose function is to slow us down.
“Replica” (2019) is a 16mm colour film projected on a loop onto a screen that has 60 degree-angled mirrors mounted on each side. The screen is folded in a way that the image on each side is projected in the opposite direction. The film is made out of photographic reproductions of the various kinds of marble used for the reconstruction of the Mies van der Rohe pavilion (1986), here in Barcelona. Filmed in 16mm, the film focuses on the patterns created by the material: veins and mottling. The images are animated by repetitions, successions and overlaps.
“Marble Veins” (2019) is a print that was used to make the film Replica. Here it is shown with a passe-partout framing the image. A frame in a frame in a frame.