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Federico Solmi. Mundus Novus

12:0020:00 h
Venue: adn galeria
Enric Granados, 49
08008 Barcelona
Price: Free event

ADN Galeria presents Mundus Novus, the third solo exhibition by Federico Solmi, italian born artist based in New York. Using drawing as a starting point, he creates a hybrid artistic medium by which to criticize – today’s society. With this goal in mind, the artist uses various media which lead drawing to a new state of movement and dramatization, through the use of 3D technology, game engines, motion capture, paintings and screens.

Works presented on this occasion are focused on America’s colonization. Explorers, colonizers, warriors, natives, villains, scoundrels and tricksters are positioned within fantastical scenes of grotesque comedy that debase the very myth of the New World’s conquest. Skipping the historical chronology, settlers make their entrance like red-carpet stars while natives receive them enthusiastically, all of them surrounded by groups of paparazzi, cheers and applause.

Textbook narratives are put on trial in the world of Federico Solmi where learned histories of Euro-American heroes are exposed as a manipulation of the past to propagate fable. Facts are dismantled in an ironic circus of saturated colors and trademark labels which come together to construct a critique of consumer-obsessed and nihilistic western values.