GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.

Marcelo Expósito. Vanishing lines: Reading seminar on art history, aesthetics and politics

17:0019:00 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

This reading seminar takes a synthetic look back over the last century of debates on art history, aesthetics and politics, against the backdrop of the relationships between these discussions and contemporary social and political transformations. Chronologically, the seminar gets under way with the emergence of debates on art practice and culture in interwar Europe. From a critical perspective, it analyses how art theory and historiography drew from Marxism, psychoanalysis, sociology and social history, structuralism and post-structuralism, critical postmodernism and feminism.

Each two-hour session will begin with a presentation lasting between 20 and 40 minutes, followed by a debate open to all participants.

You can consult the programme here.

Marcelo Expósito. Línies de fuga. Seminari de lectura sobre història, estètica, i política de l’art