Cineclub - Grupo de estudios alrededor del cine de no ficción

18:3021:30 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Cineclub proposes recovering the shared experience of watching films together in order to create a dialogue with and through cinema, sharing our perspectives. The idea is to create a group, intended to be heterogeneous, of people interested in moving pictures, which will be dedicated to critical thinking and observation focused on contemporary cinematographic representation.

Over the course of six meetings, we will explore our present through non-fiction cinema. During each session we will watch one film, chosen via consensus, that responds to the common interests of the group; for example, borders and migrations, gender and sexuality, urban life, work and productivity, or new and old fascisms. At the end of the screening, we will discuss our thoughts, feelings and perspectives. The debate will be rooted in a horizontal and feminist practice, the narratives of the south, sharing our voices to create a space for open receptiveness and trust, where we can all relate in an informal way with one another and with film. It is intended as a space to come together to watch films that take us out of the role of passive spectators, activating a dynamic of debate with the power to generate a space for collective reflection founded on a dialogue between different perspectives.

Led by Laura Arensburg and Catarina Botelho.

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Photo: Dani Cantó

Cineclub – Grup d’estudi entorn del cinema de no-ficció