Les escenes: 25 Years after. Scene 4

Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Scene 4


Benzo / Anna Dot / Laia Estruch / Pol Gorezje / Ariadna Guiteras + TMTMTM / Marla Jacarilla / Daniel Jacoby i Yu Araki / Rasmus Nilausen / Ania Nowak i Max Göran / Julia Spínola / Jon Uriarte / Marc Vives

This fourth scene continues with the desire to point to the future of an exhibition made of moments that are produced over time, but that inevitably has its own history, albeit brief, of what was present and then disappears to make way to the unknown. But perhaps memory is also an exercise forward, capable of including what is still to come.


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*Image: Rasmus Nilausen, Polyglossia iii, 2017

Les escenes: 25 anys després. Escena 4