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Les escenes: 25 Years after. Scene 5: Strata

Venue: La Capella
Hospital, 56
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Les escenes: 25 Years after. Scene 5: Strata


June Crespo / Anna Dot / Antoni Hervàs / Marla Jacarilla / Rasmus Nilausen / Quim Pujol / Francesc Ruiz / Carlos Sáez / Julia Spínola / Marc Vives

In the fifth movement of “Les Escenes”, some works extend across the floor. Others consider the symbolic terrain on which we live. All of them invite us to complete a journey, alternating sensitive memory and the ability to anticipate. This time we have to look down. The works are realistic in the meaning given to this word in Ben Lerner’s verses: “If you have to look up it’s religious. / If you have to look down it’s realistic.” Down, like the researcher or the gold prospector, but also the scrap collector and the beggar. With all of these people, to find the structures, or their remains, and the silenced evidence of poverty – or the second life of recycling: of objects, of ideas, of worldviews.


Quim Pujol, De la Ceca a la Meca. May, Saturday 11 at 7 pm and Sunday 12, at noon. Presenting a previously unseen work arising from an obsessive combing of demonyms ranging from “British punctuality” to “Indian file” and including “oranges from China”. Reserve your place at:

Anna Dot, De l’error a la pedra o de la literatura a l’objecte. Friday 17 May at 7 pm. Anna Dot’s installation is part of Escena 4 and Escena 5 and today she is presenting a performance-based activity in the form of a talk in the same exhibition gallery.

Marc Vives, La Fiesta (after). Sunday 26 May, La Capella doors open: 10.15pm. The meeting will commence after his last performance at the Antic Teatre.

*Image: June Crespo: Same Heat, 2018. Photo: Pep Herrero