Microhistories – obsolete re/presentations. Duen Sacchi, Lucía Piedra Galarraga, Fàtima Taleb and Nadia Ghulam

19:0021:00 h
Venue: La Virreina Centre de la Imatge
La Rambla, 99
08002 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Activity from Microhistories of the Diaspora. «Embodied» experiences of female dispersion
Created by La Virreina Centre de la Imatge, Supported by Pla Barcelona Interculturalitat
Curated by Tania Adam

A multidisciplinary space with Duen Sacchi, Lucía Piedra Galarraga, Remei Sipi, Fàtima Taleb and Nadia Ghulam
Wednesday, November 7th, 7pm. Virreina LAB
Free entrance. Limited places

As an object of representation, we suggest the body in the diaspora, from the embodied experience of women; that is, your bodies, and your embodied experience. The exercise: to understand which factors—power relationships, the colonial past, race, religion, gender, among others—have influenced the representation of your bodies. We also assume that these representations will become obsolete at some point as they will be replaced with self-presentations. But far from continuing to focus on this comparison (presentations vs self-presentations), we also invite self-criticism to decipher how these self-images are conforming within this complicated social fabric. This forces us to delve into the complexity of reality—and the historical-social time—of which we are a part. It also involves approaching cultural anthropology, as we move beyond the surface of the issue and its reductionist layers. It is, in short, an invitation to look deeper into what we project onto society.


TANIA ADAM (Maputo, 1979), journalist; culture producer. Founder and chief editor in Radio Africa Magazine. TV Host in Terrícoles betevé and radio host in radio africa @beteve 91.0 Fm.

KIRA BERMÚDEZ (Minnesota, 1959), intercultural mediator and social educator, translator and occasional writer. Co-author of Mediación Intercultural: una propuesta para la formación, Agapea, 2002.

NADIA GHULAM DASTGIR (Kabul, 1985). Narrator. She has published “The secret of my turban” (Edicions 62, 2010), “Tales that healed me” (Columna, 2014) and “The first star of the night” (Plaza & Janés, 2016).

FÀTIMA TALEB (Berkane, 1976). Community mediator with a degree in modern literature. She was a councillor of Badalona City Council as a member of the party Guanyem Badalona en Comú (2015-2018).

LUCÍA PIEDRA GALARRAGA (Havana). Independent researcher and curator. Interested in anti-racist activism, forms of governability and critical thinking.

DUEN SACCHI (Aguaray). Artist, researcher, activist and trans writer*. Addicted to politics and dissident bodies.

Microhistòries – presentacions i representacions obsoletes. Duen Sacchi, Lucía Piedra Galarraga, Fàtima Taleb i Nadia Ghulam