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BAR module: Ad Minoliti (AR), Irene Aristizábal (CO-ES-UK), Francesc Ruiz (ES) & Antonio Gagliano (AR-ES)

This module wants to explore different practices that circulate among queer and decolonial theories, feminisms, pedagogy, drawing, painting, and disturbing dissemination of knowledge to generate projects that, involving different allies in their development, affect different layers of political and social change processes.


“Possible non-binary geometry and expanded feminist painting” workshop by Ad Minoliti
As an Argentine multidisciplinary painter, Minoliti’s proposal is a combination of painting, video, anime and design. Installations and performance explore alternatives to traditional discourses, involving a diversity of topics such as queer theory, cyborgs, feminism, abstraction, science fiction, architecture or decoration, childhood and animal rights. For Ad Minoliti, geometry is the best tool to experiment with a non-human utopia, where gender theories can be applied to pictorial language and find other ways of investigating the visual world.

Ad Minoliti creates pictorial work of a possible combination between geometry and queer theories. In her body of work, geometry is the best tool to represent and imagine a trans-human heterotopia, within which gender theories can be applied to pictorial language and find new ways of experiencing the visual world.
Live and work in Buenos Aires. Her exhibitions include: Aichi Triennial (Japan), FRAC Nantes (France), Mercosur Biennial (Brazil), Cleveland Front Triennial, Brooklyn Museum and Independent (NY), Peres Project Galleries (Berlin), Crèvecoeur (Paris) and Agustina Ferreyra (Mexico City); and residencies in Mexico, San Francisco and London, among others. She was awarded with several Acquisition Prizes as Arcos Dorados in Latin America, Biennial Museum of Bahía Blanca, National Central Bank Exhibition, Federico Klemm Foundation, Cultural Equality Prize and Uade.


Irene Aristizábal is Head of Curatorial and Public Practice at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. She worked as Head of Exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary from 2013 until February 2019, where she curated exhibitions and commissioned projects by Pia Camil, Steffani Jemison, Otobong Nkanga, Simon Starling, Michael Beutler, Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz, Sun Ra, Rana Hamadeh, Danai Anesiadou, Danh Võ, Carol Rama and Asco. Recent group exhibitions include Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender Resistance (2018-19 – co-curated with Rosie Cooper and Cédric Fauq) and States of America: Photography from the Civil Rights Movement to the Reagan Era (2017 – co-curated with Abi Spinks).

Irene will be co-curating the British Art Show 9, alongside Hammad Nasar, which opens in Manchester in 2020 and travels to Wolverhampton, Aberdeen and Plymouth. She was curator at the FRAC Nord Pas de Calais, Dunkirk in 2010–11, and was the recipient of the H+F Curatorial Grant (2010). Prior to that she co-directed the not-for-profit space Bétonsalon in Paris (2005-06). She has also curated exhibitions at the Fundació Miró, Barcelona; Form Content, London and the Museum of Health Sciences, Bogotá.


They must be sent to and in a single email and single PDF document (max 2MB) including:
curriculum vitae
Short bio
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Working knowledge of English is required

28th January -1st February: 18th January, 2pm (GMT+1)
18th – 22nd March: 8th March, 2pm (GMT+1)

One BAR module: 300€
Two BAR module: 500€

BAR module: Ad Minoliti (AR), Irene Aristizábal (CO-ES-UK), Francesc Ruiz (ES) & Antonio Gagliano (AR-ES)