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Open call for projects by Idensitat and La Escocesa on the theme of “Work – In transition” The main objective is to open up a channel of artistic research to explore the transformations and new imaginaries that affect concepts such as “work”, “worker”, “creative class”, “factory”, “production” “creative industries”, “unemployment”, “work flexibility”, “division of labour” “entrepreneurship”, “precariousness”, “relocation”, or other related words, and the relationships among them. At the same time, it is hoped that selected projects will involve people or groups from Barcelona’s Poble Nou district, always within the procedural logic of the project. The theme proposed here will be adapted to the “transitional” nature of the space at La Escocesa, as well as that of the neighbourhood, affecting equally the form as it does the structure or its function, as it has affected these things for quite some time. With this call, we seek to promote the intersection and the connections between research, experimentation, artistic practices and social space.

Reception until March 22, 2019