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Venue: Can Cases
Bruc del Mig, 55.
08294 El Bruc
Price: Free event

Every year, Can Serrat invites a relevant person from the Catalan art and research field, to connect and follow the residency and its surroundings. In 2018, Can Serrat collaborated with Nyamnyam (a group of artists: Ariadna Rodríguez and Iñaki Álvarez) to prepare this activity of May 12, 2019.


Nyamnyam proposes to develop in collaboration with Can Serrat, a selection of 2018 resident artists and the Bruc Town Hall, an exhibition of performative installations that are activated in its presentation of May 12th, 2019. Through the concept of archeology of the place, in a work line that Nyamnyam is developing lately, they start from elements found in the context and in spaces close to the exhibition, and a room provided by the Town Hall of El Bruc. Following a similar strategy, with Fluffy disk they want to include virtual archeology, inviting artists and other people from the context, to share the materials that are also accumulated in their mobile devices. From these double complementary movement – objectual / material + context / artists – they intend to create a dialogue or rather a fluffy, elastic conversation that moves away from the hard disk and even the soft, in order to create a porous space where to discover the possible discursive lines that this material generates through the multiple visions that this flamboyant space inhabits. The daily action of being together and comfortable to create stories from a series of information that we do not intend to undo, but to take as a starting point to knit possibilities.