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For classical Greeks the term catastrophe (kata-strophē) can refer to the last verse or part of a tragedy, and urges the need to end a text in order to start a new writing.
In natural sciences, the term eutrophication, i. e. the excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, may imply that the thirty-year growth of green algae on the surface of a pond may bring about the death of underwater life in one year.

The video Darrera Estrofa (Last Verse) shows an underwater landscape in which a strange element suddenly appears: a ve-euro banknote that displays a particular dance and sinks slowly into an alien environment. Carried by the current, it mimics the movement of algae, rubs against decaying matter, and is sometimes approached or ignored by insects and shes. The music that accompanies the images evokes passages of science-fiction films or nature documentaries.

The banknote is immersed in a kind of fantastic journey; its sinuous and captivating movement transports us to a free and steady fall that hypnotizes us with its voluptuous dance and eventually hits bottom, camou aged in this strange environment.
The drifting bank-note can be seen as a metaphor for the fascination for money in contemporary society, as well as an image of the drifting economic system. In any case, it is clear that neither the current economic system nor the economy as a discipline are natural realities existing throughout human history, as its leading proponents seem to forget in order to defend positions that allow the accu- mulation of wealth in very few hands management and economic power exerted on the control of human communities.