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Christian Marclay. Compositions. Performances

19:0021:30 h
Venue: MACBA
Plaça dels Àngels, 1
08001 Barcelona
Price: Free event
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Two of Christian Marclay’s graphic scores will be performed throughout the Night of the Museums. The performers will be Marclay himself and the vocal artist Shelley Hirsch, who has collaborated regularly with the artist for the past thirty years.

7 pm Zoom Zoom (2000 – ongoing), with Christian Marclay and Shelley Hirsch. Duration 30 min. approx.
The slide-projection -now digitalized- Zoom Zoom is an example of Marclay’s ‘graphic scores’, a series of unconventional compositions that use images as well as text as the basis for musical performances.

9.30 pm Manga Scroll (2010), performed by Shelley Hirsch. Duration 30 min. approx.
The ‘graphic score’ Manga Scroll is composed of onomatopoeia, but in this case the words have been drawn from North American translations of Japanese graphic manga novels and collaged into an undulating, linear composition on a long paper scroll. Such scrolls date from the eleventh century onwards in Japan and might be thought of as a precursor to contemporary Japanese graphic novels or serialised comics.

Venue: Capella MACBA. Limited places.

Christian Marclay. Composicions. Performances