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Museums Night at Blueproject Foundation

19:0001:00 h

Price: Free event
Arts en Viu

One more year, the Blueproject Foundation takes part in the Night of the Museums, which is celebrated on Saturday, May 18. From 7 pm to 1 am, the two exhibiting rooms of the foundation can be visited.

Only during this night and in collaboration with MIRA Digital Arts Festival, Il Salotto hosts the audiovisual installation LagOS – Natura Fosca, by Rubén Patiño. The artist explores the potential of imaginary sound landscapes generated by electronic media. Through compositions that range from the margins of ambient to amorphous club music and sound design, the artist creates fictional narratives that blur the boundaries between reality and fiction, natural and artificial. LagOS – Natura Fosca is an intervention that explores the generation of illusory and emotional spaces through the use of sound, lighting design and artificial fog. It is derived from a sound piece created out of the superposition of synthetic textures, dissonant arpeggios and environmental sounds that evoke scenes of a mysterious and tenebrous place.

In Sala Project, the exhibition “—– (— —– ——- — —-.)” by Mexican artist Pablo Rasgado, the third resident of 2019 at the foundation, can be visited.

With the collaboration of: Hangar | tmtmtm