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Venue: Can Serrat - Art Residency
Masia Serrat s/n
08294 El Bruc
Price: 10€

A day to talk about slow production, underground or solar, animal, human, etc. Ideas, liquids, solids – fermented.
The ideas of this day kind of began with the SLOW of Duncan Gibbs (, a fermented soup that acts as a time capsule, preserving the flavor of Can Serrat’s garden. His studio lies in semi-ruin, scattered with the sun-bleached remnants of failed artworks and the detritus of production. Centered around the development of outdoor studio space and permaculture garden, SLOW has attempted to facilitate interactions between artists, producers, scientists, and musicians. Through examining the interdependent networks and symbiotic relationships found on the microscopic level, perhaps we can develop a framework for art production and co-operation.
Soooo — we decided to generate a first experimental dialogue to speak and understand better different aspects of these parallel worlds, microorganisms, fermentation processes, somehow invisible and slow, out of human control, theoretically.
To begin with, we will meet Pau Pedrosa Pàmies in his ‘Hortet del bruc’ where we will experience the energy fields around food. Back to Can Serrat, in the garden, Duncan will tell us about his fermented time capsule.
For vermouth time we will drink beer, with Naty Lopez Gama, Abel Jorba (artisan beers La Rockera), Rubèn Léon (the Nut), the Duncan and everyone who wants – we will also do some fermentation experiments and exchange about our experiences.
Finally! We will have lunch and eat from the products collected in the morning with Pau. To digest, we will find Arnau Amorós Guallarte to test local honey and understand how worms work in vermicompost.
Finally, with Vanessa Donoso López (current resident at Can Serrat –, we will see how to extract sand mud collected at Can Serrat and make some objects from this mud, like clay.

This day is made possible thanks to the energy of all the participants mentioned + the Vicenç Moliner + Els Amics de Can Serrat.
Reservation needed — before July 25th —