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La forma del temps (Pròleg)

19:0020:00 h
Venue: Centre Cultural La Casa Elizalde
València, 302
08009 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Video art group exhibition
Marco Godoy, Ángel Marcos, Shahar Marcus, Miguel Ángel Ríos and Johanna Reich

While refusing any comparison to traditional art media, video art characterises for its ephemeral nature and a specific language embedded in time that brings it close to cinema. Generally devoid of a narrative structure, it often deploys moving images to construct symbolic and conceptual imaginaries that implicitly hint at specific social, historical and economic conjunctures. Being the prologue to La forma del temps [“The Shape of Time”] –an exhibition scheduled to take place at Casa Elizalde next January–, this video selection brings together a group of artists that, by way of poetic and seemingly abstract associations between music and images, recount of precise geopolitical contexts while putting forth the potential of video as a creative vehicle of (hi)stories.

Image: Seeds, 2012, Shahar Marcus

La forma del temps (Pròleg)