GRAF brings you the programme of contemporary art in Catalonia. The agenda that combines all agendas.


Extemporaneous, from Latin ex tempore (“out of time”), refers to the construction of public discourse, which by the conditions with which it is delivered, it requires certain improvisation. The program is developed during 3 practical sessions preceded by a theoretical introduction, in different spaces of Barcelona: Escocesa, La Caldera, and Virreina Center of the Image.

From 17h to 20h (excepting on November 28th)
Free. Inscriptions at

With Begonya Saez Tajafuerce (Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona), Alícia Rodriguez Campi (UAB), Andrea Corachán (Transductores), Sara PonsDoerte Weig; and Alina Ruiz Folini and Letícia Skrycky, from Proyecto TÀCTIL.