Fingers Crossed. Now, Yesterday and perhaps Tomorrow

Venue: adnplatform
Avda. Can Roquetas esquina Victor Hugo
08173 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Price: Free event

ADN Platform, in collaboration with the CDAN,Center for Art and Nature of Huesca, presents Fingers Crossed, a group show curated by Blanca de la Torre and Sue Spaid, which addresses the current ecological crisis coinciding with the COP25.

Artists have proven to be great futurists. Long before scientists had the technology to explore distant galaxies, artists were illustrating space travel, alien invasions, and extraterrestrial life. In light of the recent United Nations IPCC reports (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that says we must drastically reduce carbon emissions by 2030, we earthlings find ourselves at a crossroads.

Problem is, colonizing Mars by 2030 sounds far sexier than tackling Earth’s emergencies like the plastic vortex, rising seas, desertification, loss of biodiversity and even space junk.

Fingers Crossed explores these two options: staying the course by enacting a planetary Green New Deal or riding the rocket with SpaceX, Blue Origin or those whose Mars settlements were abruptly aborted by Mars One’s recent bankruptcy. Even better, the curators organized Fingers Crossed to showcase sustainable curating (ecological and reused materials, no flights, minimal shipping, recyclable wall texts/posters, and paying attention to the carbon footprint).

Divided into three sections, Fingers Crossed explores: 1) imaginative efforts by earlier artists who jumpstarted environmental awareness, 2) practical actions by contemporary artists who are fighting environmental degradation from different angles, and 3) some more technological visions that inspire the imagination around these issues.

Fingers Crossed. Ara, Ahir i potser Demà