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Recreant ruïnes

Venue: La Escocesa
Pere IV, 345
08019 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Artists living in La Escocesa imagine multiple ways of recreating the ruins they wrap.
The ruin is a piece of land left at the edge of the urgent agendas of production, which acquires an unprecedented fertility in these hours: it becomes a field of imagination to the possibilities usually unacceptable for remotes or laterals. The ruin gives counts of an obsolet technological empire that admits, a cop caigut, new forms of dialogue with re-appropriation and with other logics not necessarily calculated by human action.
La Escocesa is an artistic centre in development that is located in a factory-sruin, a land of possibilities. The current state of the old factory complex, the bastion of the first industrial revolution in Barcelona’s Poblenou, is reminiscent of the passing of time and the multiple actions that have occupied it, carried out and silenced it.
Dins de les seves naus, els artistes residents actualment a La Escocesa, que construcueixen coll-lectivament un projecte artístic al voltant d’un espai de convivència, imaginen múltiples formes de recrear les ruïnes que els envolten. Reinterpret the poetic and temporal potential of the ruin and, fent-ho, imagine together a non-adventurous future.

The groups of access to the ruins will be only with previous inscription in

Divendres 13: 18:00- 21:00
Saturday 14: 12:00 – 21:00
Diumenge 15: 11:00 – 14:00

Marina Rubio / Juan Francisco Segura Martinez / Valentina Alvarado Matos / Antonia Rossi / Alfredo Zubiaur / Laura Arensburg / Juan Antonio Cerezuela / Carmen de Ayora / Jose Caerols / Thilleli Rahmoun / Juan David Galindo / Marla Jacarilla / Lluc Baños / Daniel De La Barra / Catarina Botelho / Carlos Vásquez / Llapispanc
Photograph by Cristina Inocencio

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Recreant ruïnes