Raindrop Dance

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Price: Free event

This action is a re-creation of Carol Gooden’s Raindrop Dance performance, which took place at 112 Greene Street in 1971, now 50 years ago.

Ocells al Cap is an international group of women performance artists based in Catalonia. The group explores the possibilities of a (sin) aesthetic re-linking of all the senses, including those that could reach beyond the body and that would include the possibility of accessing perceived information from others or the environment. , com in synchronicity or telepathy.

In this re-creation of Raindrop Dance they will climb a bar about three meters above the ground and will go down irregularly, as raindrops fall from a bush or from the edge of a roof when it stops to rain.

The participating artists are Denys Blacker, Juliette Murphy, Marta Vergonyós, Mar Serinyà, Martine Viale, Isa Fontbona, Natália Espinet, Mireia Zantop, Melina Peña and Marina Barsy.

By Ocells al Cap “Birds in the Head”

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

6 p.m.

Municipal Theater

Limited capacity

Free prior registration at info@bolit.cat or 972427627

Raindrop Dance