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Here we've found a place to think (10 years - Artists iN RESiDENCE at the Schools of Barcelona)

18:0015:00 h
Venue: Fabra i Coats
Sant Adrià, 20
08030 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Dates: 12 April to 30 June 2019
Exhibition Opening: Thursday 11 April, 18.00 to 20.00
Where: 1st and 2nd Floor

Since 2009, Artists iN RESiDENCE at the Schools of Barcelona has created shared work spaces for artists, students and teachers at secondary education state schools. Over the period of a school year and in school time, artists from different disciplines and generations develop an artistic project, from its conception to its realisation, together with a group of young people. They share the creation.

The creation is searching, researching, experimenting, testing, trying; opening up to unusual perspectives; the possibility of questioning what is believed to be obvious; continuous dialogue; movement that encourages learning, suggesting, testing, risking, committing.

The creation is a place for thinking. As is the school, which is as it should be. For this reason, when they meet, they broaden their horizons and grow mutually. Students, artists and teachers take action: challenging art and education institutes; questioning established ideas; exploring and rediscovering neighbourhoods and the city; making memories and experiences emerge; experimenting with sound and materials; putting their bodies into play; trying out words to say and express.

In dialogue and in connection, thoughts become visible and palpable. In the coexistence between creation and education, in shared and discussed projects, we discover with a renewed intensity that reality demands, now and always, to be reflected on. As if for the first time.

The exhibition includes 77 projects created during the first nine editions of iN RESiDENCE. Through elements used during the creation process and the students and artists reflecions, the aim is to reveal the research, questions, impulses and desires of the artwork created.

All of the creation processes can be found at

82 creators. Margarita Andreu, Martí Anson, Eduard Arbós, Maria Arnal, Mar Arza, Josep Maria Balanyà, Isabel Banal, Erick Beltrán, David Bestué, Big Bouncers, Luis Bisbe, Xavier Bobés, Luz Broto, Btoy, Tom Carr, Alícia Casadesús, Vicens Casassas, Daniel Chust Peters, Antoni Clapés, Cristina Clemente, Lúa Coderch, Edu Comelles, Antònia del Río, Domènec, Pep Duran, Jorge Dutor, Escarlata Circus, Laia Estruch, Enric Farrés Duran, Robert Ferrer i Martorell, Jaume Ferrete, Marta Galán, Ana Garcia-Pineda, Toni Giró, Gerard Guix, Cristian Herrera, Indi Gest, Víctor Jaenada, Jeleton, Salvador Juanpere, L’Automàtica, La Calòrica, LaCol, Marc Larré, Rodrigo Laviña, Laura Llaneli, Francesca Llopis, Lolo & Sosaku,, Makea Tu Vida, Àngels Margarit, Toni Mira, Jordi Mitjà, Mariona Moncunill, Guillem Mont de Palol, Antonio R. Montesinos, Iván Morales, Mariona Naudin, Pere Noguera, Nutcreatives, Jordi Oriol, Daniela Ortiz, Anna Pantinat, Perico Pastor, Josep Pedrals, Aimar Pérez Galí, Jaume Pitarch, Fernando Prats, Montse Rodríguez, Mònica Roselló, Francesc Ruiz, Lluís Sabadell Artiga, Mireia c. Saladrigues, Martí Sales, Societat Doctor Alonso, Montserrat Soto, Helena Tornero, Francesc Torres, Ricardo Trigo, Pep Vidal, ZA!

1362 young people, 116 teachers, 38 institutes. Barcelona-Congrés, Barri Besòs, Bernat Metge, Bosc de Montjuïc, Collserola, Costa i Llobera, Doctor Puigvert, Fort Pius, Francisco de Goya, Infanta Isabel d’Aragó, Jaume Balmes, Joan Boscà, Joan Coromines, Joan d’Àustria, Joan Fuster, Joan Salvat-Papasseit, Josep Comas i Solà, Josep Pla, Juan Manuel Zafra, Les Corts, Lluís Domènech i Montaner, Maria Espinalt, Menéndez y Pelayo, Milà i Fontanals, Moisès Broggi, Montjuïc, Narcís Monturiol, Pau Claris, Poeta Maragall, Príncep de Girona, Quatre Cantons, Sant Andreu, Secretari Coloma, Serrat i Bonastre, Vall d’Hebron, Valldemossa, Vila de Gràcia.

Artists iN RESiDENCE at the Schools of Barcelona is a programme by the Culture Institute of Barcelona (ICUB) and Barcelona’s Education Consortium, designed in cooperation with the association A Bao A Qu.

The Exhibition Opening, on 11 April, will include actions (dance, poetry, reflection, performances and conversations) by creators and students participating in different editions: Maria Arnal, Constanza Brncic, Alícia Casadesús, Antoni Clapés, Laia Estruch, Pep Vidal and students from Milà i Fontanals, Josep Comas i Solà, Jaume Balmes, Juan Manuel Zafra and Costa i Llobera.

Every Saturday at 18.00 and Sundays at 12.30 guided tours of the exhibitions.

Free entrance.​

Aquí hem trobat un espai per pensar (10 anys – Creadors en RESiDÈNCiA als instituts de Barcelona)