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MARTHA LUISA HERNÁNDEZ - Castillos en el aire

In dialogue with Iberescena, Ràdio Fabra and Radio Nikosia.

Artistic workshop for young people age 16 and over.

Open studio at Bacanal SÂLMON< on —02 FEB.

“Writing with the tongue” is a gesture that moves me as a body honing script.
In my processes, the creation of “archives of desire” has been fundamental”: Nueve (2017), Extintos, aquí no vuelan mariposas (2018), La última ópera china (2018), Las fundadoras (2019) and No soy unicornio (2019). Each investigation has arisen from looking at/touching documents, places and history.
I completed a poetic or entomological study: Días de hormigas (Ediciones Unión, 2018. David Poetry Award). I work in the group “improducible”: Theatre Laboratory for Social Experimentation (LEES). I resist with the independent publisher: ediciones sinsentido. I’m making a living from my literary column Pucheros, in Hypermedia Magazine.


The open show of the “Castillos en el aire” artistic workshop-laboratory will be the exercise of our affections through voice and words – probably non-alphabetic, inaudible, improbable, unknown ones.
What body, for what frictions between the real and the imagined take place in a period of collective experimentation. The words are there to invent a theater, an enunciation, a sound poem, a common f(r)iction, a revolutionary act. Declare who we are and do it out loud: there is a collective idea of revolution. Take the words and chaotize their meaning: there is a collective idea of writing. Cause accidents and leaks in the past and in the present that we share in each other: there is a starting point to be together. An invitation to bodies and futures for a possible manifesto.

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MARTHA LUISA HERNÁNDEZ – Castillos en el aire