PODERÍO VITAL - Acoger: Un concierto.

20:0021:30 h
Venue: La Caldera
eugeni d'ors 12
08028 barcelona
Arts en Viu

PODERÍO VITAL is a living body that moves between music, performance and very live arts. We like to call ourselves, for example, vibrational architects or symphonic sculptors and we seek to create very diverse musical compositions, with the intention of generating shared spaces and times to reflect on being and doing with others. We have taken the form of scenic concerts, prescient concerts, concerts for plants, choirs that complain, vibrational sculptures, dances that are sung, sheet music with 1,000 questions, ascending paths, disc-books, fanzines, map texts, silences, periods of doing nothing, long-lasting songs, videosongs…

We present a new approach to the surroundings of a concert, where we will invoke receiving and other porosities. To receive the events while softening the songs and bodies until, perhaps, changing state or matter. Of course, we will welcome the dimensional doors that will open in this new decade of the 20s, and from there, we will emit, fresh and quantum.

PODERÍO VITAL – Acoger: Un concierto.