Manifiesto y Ruina | Felipe García Salazar

Venue: Espai Souvenir
Travessia de Sant Antoni 27
08012 Barcelona
Price: Free event

“MANIFESTO y RUINA” is a sculptural installation in which there is a dialogue about the nature of the materials to respond to the various particularities of the forms and the identity contradictions of the sculptural elements.

It is through the use of materials of a constructive nature in juxtaposition with elements taken from everyday life, that the artist continues with his line of sculptural research to continue exploring aspects such as identity construction, thought, political and social positioning, among others.

Curated by Fabrizio Contarino

Felipe García Salazar, visual artist and cultural manager, graduated from the School of Visual Arts in New York and  currently finishing a Master’s in Art Production and Research at the University of Barcelona. His work explores in an autobiographical way his relationship with time, history and his own identity. From installation work, Felipe seeks to create spaces for thought and dialogue with the viewer, which invite us to reflect on the contemporary status quo and what we understand as reality.

Felipe  has exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions including Mollet Art 2021- Abello Museum, Primal Distance-Looking Forward London / Sant Andreu Contemporani, La Rioja Young Art Show. – ESDIR – La Rioja, Art Emergent Sabadell – Acadèmia de Belles Arts, Sabadell, Traslación – Galería Peña, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Crossover – Western Gallery, Washington, USA, Minders – Visual Arts Gallery, New York, USA, Octet – Pera Museum, Istanbul, Turkey, Lo Mejor que Podemos – Embassy of Colombia in Buenos Aires – Argentina, Mixtape – Visual Arts Gallery New York, USA, among others.

Felipe has carried out artistic residency programs in New York, Buenos Aires, China and Budapest and his work is part of public and private collections in the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Belgium and Hungary.

Manifiesto y Ruina | Felipe García Salazar