Carlos Pazos - Suspended questions or Déjà vu?

Venue: adn galeria
Mallorca, 205
08036 Barcelona
Price: Free event

ADN Galeria celebrates the 50th anniversary of Carlos Pazos’ (Barcelona, 1949) artistic career with a solo show which recalls a large part of the artist’s path.

Suspended Questions or Déjà vu ? is the second Carlos Pazos’ solo show at ADN Galeria.

Carlos Pazos is a pop artist without orthodoxy, who inscribes himself in a tradition of objectal art. Spanish National Award for Plastic Arts in 2004, he has managed to develop a personal career apart from the prevailing tendencies in Spain during the second half of the 20th Century. Always marked by the desire to differentiate himself for the norm, to break up not only from the recent past but also with his own zeitgeist, Pazos has created an unclassifiable work that revolves around self-fiction, active melancholy and pop-culture erudition.

Halfway between rock star and night club dandy, the young Carlos Pazos chose to take the opposite direction, seeking in art a form to dedicate himself to the useless. Carlos Pazos’ art is about creating characters that the artist embodies himself. Characters in literary or cinematographic scenarios with which the artist frees himself from his own existence and allows himself to experience, even if briefly, living other’s lives. They are small fragmented stories, accumulated in an indefinite time flow, which transformsthe anonymous experience into a collective history.

His multidisciplinary character, alien to the boundaries between high and low culture, questions preconceived ideas about good taste and seeks the spectator’s complicity who stands in front of the piece without any theoretical discourse needed.

Many of the works presented on this occasion show the author as a collector, as a picker of obsolete objects from flea markets. The artist rescues these objects and offers them a second

life as a atrezzo for his fictional characters. Pop culture objects which refer us to the nostalgia of a past not lived or the lost childhood. Creating an emotional climate through the exhaustive presentation of objects, the work of Carlos Pazos tells us about the fleetingness of time and life.

In this exhibition, which runs away from chronology, works from different periods and subject matters are shown showcasing the circular and open nature of Pazos’ art. Videos, photographs, “climatic” pieces and objects recall the artist’s journey during the last 50 years. This path has led him to work and exhibit in important cultural centers in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, New York, Brussels or Havana.

Carlos Pazos – Interrogants suspesos o Déjà vu?