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Action: A provisional history of the 90s


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While in Europe the 1980s represented a return to order, to the demand for a certain formality in art and to the conventional formats of painting and sculpture widely accepted by the market, the 1990s revived a large part of the Conceptual experiences of the preceding decades, notably the sixties and seventies. In this way, practices related to the human body were recovered, which we jointly call action art. In Spain, this history has a particular relevance, with multiple initiatives that had an immense impact on art from then onwards. This art of action was frequently expressed in the form of performances – which usually occurred in very restricted or unconventional contexts such as festivals or gatherings – and their more heterogeneous expression that has come to be called performativity.

Artists included in the exhibition: Accidents Polipoètics, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Lluís Alabern, Jordi Benito, Miguel Benlloch, Cabello/Carceller, Circo Interior Bruto, Club 7, Joan Casellas, Nieves Correa, Pepe Espaliú, Bartolomé Ferrando, Esther Ferrer, Carles Hac Mor and Ester Xargay, Juan Hidalgo, Rafael Lamata, Daniela Musicco, Antonio Ortega, Pere Lluís Pla Boixò, Tere Recarens, Àngels Ribé, José Antonio Sarmiento, Isidoro Valcárcel Medina, Jaime Vallaure, Borja Zabala and Tres, among others.

Curated by: Ferran Barenblit

Co-organised by: L’Internationale. OUR MANY EUROPES

Acció. Una història provisional dels 90