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On Riots, Grief and Parties


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How do dissident bodies survive in Barcelona? How do desires and emotions register in their displacements? How does the colonial regime continue to operate in these bodies and what wounds remain open?

This research crosses the blurred borders between sexual dissent, functional diversity, migration, sex work and precariousness, finding images of everyday life that are shown as dissident cartographies, dens for the uncertain, parties and meeting spaces as a refuge, temporary and permanent alliances that provide different forms of care.

Interviews, photographs, maps, posters, fanzines and other archival materials seek to create a space for reflecting on these subjectivities. The emotions, the violence, the traumas, the concerns and the different activisms of people who have been (and continue to be) permeated by coloniality, and by the legal, physical and territorial limits for building spaces of political enunciation.

This collective project addresses affection as a strategy for the creation of refuges, as a method of penetrating borders and making them more porous in order to spread privileges, for finding more places to escape the status quo and strengthen alliances.

Curated by: Grup Dissidències Sexuals a la Ciutat de Barcelona PEI 2019-2020, coordinated by Lucía Egaña.

Participants: Ana G Aupi, Rosa Almirall (Transit), Arxiu Fotogràfic de Barcelona, Arrels Fundació, Kenza Benzidan, Ca La Dona, Casal Lambda – CDAF, Desirée Cascales Xalma, Maria Chatzi, Antonio Centeno, Centre LGTBI de Barcelona, Centro de Documentación de Movimientos Sociales Mercè Grenzner – Can Batlló, Bruno Cimiano, Bruno Crocianelli, Frau Diamanda, Xavi Dua, Lludy Fortune, Emilie Hallard, Tania Irias, Imprenta Colectiva Can Batlló, Julien Merienne, Ernest Morera (Gimnasio Social Sant Pau), Mariana Paschoal, Linda Porn, Tania Quintana (Metzineres), Afra Rigamonti, Aura Roig (Metzineres), Sabrina Sánchez, Vinicius Sassine, Elena- Urko (Post-Op), Nacho Uzcategui, Blanca Valdivia (Punt6).

De disturbis, dols i festes