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Palpitar Palpar - Laura Llaneli - Art Nou

Venue: adn galeria
Mallorca, 205
08036 Barcelona
Price: Free event

ADN Galeria presenta Palpitar Palpar, una exposición individual de Laura Llaneli dentro del programa Art Nou 2020 con la que la artista lleva a cabo una particular investigación sobre las relaciones entre sonidos y cuerpos.

Palpitar Palpar is an action of the body on stage, of language that transits common bodies through vibrations. An action of contacts and distances: palpable physical contact, ethereal contact and fluid distances. From a text in three languages written by the artist herself, the voice is transferred by transducers to different types of material bodies, small sculptures which throb with the voice.

Palpitar Palpar – Laura Llaneli – Art Nou