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@ [close] distance


Price: Free event

We present a group of works created in the past weeks that, in the current context of change, explore different ways of doing. We’ve challenged some artist to make a video in which the current situation, or their utopian or non-produced projects, translate into an exercise that would be as far away as possible from the traditional idea of production. “@ [close]distance” gives to artists and their imaginary the possibility of transforming the space of àngels barcelona from that of a traditional exhibition space to a warehouse of the imagined, of the possible or the impossible, of the dreamed of or the exiled, and to which curious minds can have access if they want to see, and listen to, that which is hidden behind the threshold of an hypothesis.


Pep Agut, Daniel G. Andújar, Itziar Barrio, Cecilia Bengolea, Carlos Casas, Lúa Coderch, Joan Fontcuberta, Mabel Palacín, Jaime Pitarch, Mònica Planes, Pedro G. Romero, Mireia c. Saladrigues.

@ [close] distance