Times New Normal. Does this change everything?

18:0021:00 h
Venue: Halfhouse
carrer Santander 15, planta 2
08020 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Times New Normal is a workshop that operates as a hosting space-time from which to analyze and propose tools and care dynamics for contemporary artistic practices. To do so, we will take as a starting point examples and concrete cases from other contexts and territories in order to collect available and in-use resources in relation to what the codes conforming ‘good practices’ are, or should be. Codes are ways of normalizing, codifying and / or structuring actions, and thus, by definition, they include as well that exclude diverse discourses and bodies.


In states of alarm like the one we have just lived, the suspension of rights results in the configuration of new codes that straighten the configuration of a ‘new normality’. A panorama in which care, as a social and relational practice, reconfigures itself as an indispensable starting point from which to point out and debate the capital-life conflict. Care is an essential practice and tool to address the coding systems that structure the ‘good practices’ that have accompanied us in the artistic context and to further propose the ones that we would like that accompany us in the present. Because to what extent… does this change everything?

Times New Normal ¿Això ho canvia tot?