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TIME OF LEAD AND SILVER. Obligated Derives, by Nora Ancarola

Venue: Centre d'Art Maristany
Àngel Guimerà, 2
08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès
Price: Free event

TIME OF LEAD AND SILVER. Obligated Derives, by Nora Ancarola

A goal to survive (2019), by Nora Ancarola with Agnès WO

with Agnès Wasserman and Juan Muiño

At the care of Joan M. Minguet


The work of Nora Ancarola brings us to paused reflections on the management of discomfort in those tragic migratory, anonymous or personalized migratory drifts that have presided over the 20th century and that we are still living with some lightness. Moments of lead, loaded with hardness. But also moments of silver, of light in the dark. An artistic exercise on the possibility of recovering old utopias (or creating new ones) with a clear transformative will.

Art understood as a source of reflection, therefore, of dissidence. Escape from accommodative and submissive simplicity. Hope the discussion, the effort of the recipient. Nora Ancarola raises a debate between lead and silver as metaphors of combat, the struggles of disadvantaged people: immigrants, fugitives, imprisoned, hooded, atrabiliaris, the poor, the poor, always poverty.

The art to reflect and dissent from lead times: surveillance and control systems; forced migrations; tragic arrivals; hospitality closed; convinced life And, at the same time, to ponder the moments of silver: the wounds that can be cured; the lives to be transformed; the fists that, despite all the imposed limits, open up to survive.

Text by Joan M. Minguet


Wednesday 8th of May at 7pm : Inauguration and presentation of the exhibition, by Nora Ancarola, artist, and Joan M. Minguet, curator

Thursday May 23 at 7 pm : Visit to the exhibition, by the artist and the curator

Tuesday 9th of July at 7:00 p.m. “If art is not understood as a conflict, it becomes a privilege”, a discussion about the role of art in today’s society, with the presence of authors and authors of the publication Temps d’ Lead and Silver. Compulsory derives

Exhibition, from May 8 to July 27


This exhibition is part of the BIENALSUR programming. International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America.

With the co-production of Virreina, Image Center of Barcelona and UNTREF (National University of Three of February of Buenos Aires).

With the support of Dept. of Culture. Generalitat de Catalunya, and Hewlett-Packard

Un gol per sobreviure (2019), de Nora Ancarola amb Agnès WO