Variaciones - Mariadela Araujo

11:0015:30 h

Price: Free event

“Variaciones” exposes a textile vision, intertwined and overlapping, connecting colour research and how colour relates to the viewer. Following on from the theories of the Venezuelan Kinetic movement, Mariadela considers her vision, experiments and investigates how colour directly affects our lives.

While the materials and compositions of the presented works may differ, the common thread is one of colour. Leaving behind the typical format of fabric on fabric or classical embroidery, and moving the work into another format, the viewer is directly confronted with chromatic variations produced by the scale of the colour modules materialised in the physical space. These works significantly influence the environment in which they are in and the position in which the viewer is located, thus offering different chromatic intensities – by the type of material, texture, transparency and format.

“Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a collective exhibition curated by Tangent projects in Spring 2019, allowed me to open another path in my research, and thus be able to experience an artistic proposal with a more obvious optical effect. A work based on layers – layers that are noticed and layers that go unnoticed – directly related to current elements and situations of society.”

Variaciones are transformed into a set of experimental works, of study and of reflection.

*Variaciones by Mariadela Araujo is a continuation of the exhibition project Prototypes for a Feminist Future, a group exhibition curated by Tangent Projects earlier this year. The exhibition sought to stimulate a dialogue regarding the potential of non gendered structures and explore how to create an equitable microstructure, this would go on to develop the ideological foundation for the new Tangent Projects space.

Variaciones – Mariadela Araujo