Another Roadmap School for Arts Education [Alternative views on popular education, mediation and culture]

The international platform Another Roadmap School (Escuela Otra Hoja de Ruta) researches and activates other ways of generating stories, practices and policies on art and education from epistemologies from the south, popular education and situated practices. It is a platform that has been active since 2011 as a counter narrative to the UNESCO’S roadmap for arts education, a euro-centric document, based on creative economics and a folkloric and instrumentalising view of cultural difference.
The group from Spain is formed by Intermediae, Tabakalera Donostia and Living In-between, Col•lectivaccions and Fermín Soria. This group forms part of the Latin American Popular Education node: Re-updates, Artistic Education and Social Movements, made up of interdisciplinary groups from the cities of Barcelona/San Sebastian/Madrid (Spain); Brasilia/Sao Paulo (Brazil); Bogota (Colombia); Ljubljana (Slovenia); San Juan (Puerto Rico); and Quito (Ecuador).

Escuela Otra Hoja de Ruta para la Educación Artística [Altres mirades sobre educació popular, mediació i cultura]