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SPACE. Inaugural Exhibit Dilalica

19:0021:00 h
Venue: Dilalica
Trafalgar 53
Price: Free event

Inaugural Exhibit

Curated by Cati Bestard and Marta Sesé

The venue itself, physically, conceptually and metaphorically, is the axis of the project that will inaugurate this gallery, becoming the host and also the subject of the works carried out by Luz Broto, Aleix Plademunt, Lara Fluxà, Claudia Pagès, Pedro Torres and Elsa de Alfonso. The artists have entered, seen, touched or intervened the premises before, during and after the reform. They have had access to the material that existed when it was rented, to the work project, as well as other information related to it to create a specific proposal for this exhibition. The conversation, despite starting from the specificity of a particular space, becomes a broader reflection on the importance of the context, the architectural space, the body within the space, the remains, the past, the future, the material existing, the immaterial, the structure and systems that structure, the assigned functions, the absence of the audience, their presence, memory, what is destroyed, what is born and what is transformed.