Memory Strata. Carmen M. Castañeda

Venue: Chiquita Room
Villarroel, 25
08011 Barcelona
Price: Free event

On this second occasion that Chiquita Room participates in Barcelona Gallery Weekend, we present the work of Carmen M. Castañeda. Through the translation of hand embroidery techniques from haute couture to a conceptual and experimental framework, the artist investigates the fragility of memory with an abstract, multidisciplinary and material language. The repetition of the same gesture, the layering of time, the slow processes and the study of the materials behaving in front of the embroidery gesture, make her take the discipline to its own limits. In this way, she re-signifies it and gives it a new context. The study of forms, drawings, textures and sensations around this repeated gesture construct an intimate language about time and memory. The seriation or multiplication of the same state, expression or embroidered portrait makes visible the difficulty of isolating a unique identity on a single canvas.

Exhibition carried out within the framework of the programming of Barcelona Gallery Weekend 2021.

Estrats de memòria. Carmen M. Castañeda