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exhibition by Francesc Ruiz Abad and Eulàlia Rovira

19:0023:50 h
Venue: el Passadís
Comte Urgell, 239, 4 - 1
Price: Free event

El passadís is a special place. Start in that point where you’re not sure if it is inside or outside. When you go closer you can inmediatly the end, which is there in the background. It seems that in a blink of an eye you will be on the other side but it takes to get there more than you expected. There is always a moment when you’re half way when it seems that the end is going away from you. This is convenient when you need to squeeze a lot more because these centimeters always leave a margin quite comfortable for those things that you had not planned to occupy so much space. We’ve never been very good taking measures nor provident enough. This time we had a job to put everything in order and at the end has not been quite right. There is always something out of place. Or there is too many things. These paintings are too cramped here in, the curator had already said that we had to take care of them with much more love, but, well, we did what we could, and also, they are too noisy! From here we can hear them chatting to each other and we do not understand anything they say. Now it seems they are argueing for some girlfriend that has left them. It seems that they share lovers and they have fun like this. In the morning when we went down to throw the rubbish there is always some move laughters. Actually, I do not know what is so funny.

exposició de Francesc Ruiz Abad i Eulàlia Rovira