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Exhibition Marentus'' La Glándula de Cera, alfonso borragán. La Place Gallery.

Basses de Sant Pere, 10B
08003 Barcelona
Price: Free event

Marentus “(honeycomb in Latin) is an optical honeycomb developed by alfonso borragán. For 20 months, the photosensitive material located inside has been constantly interfered by the life and the intervention of bees, obtaining an analogue image produced during a long exposure of almost two years. The action will consist of a collective ingestion where people will extract and eat the honey of the optical honeycomb as the only way to remove the negative from its inside. The action will take place in the typographic printer L’Automàtica converted into an inactinic space to protect the image during its extraction.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 17h-20h or appointment Anne +34654040308)