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Writing Diffraction. Works from the Fundaçao Leal Rios Contemporary Art Collection

It is a LOOP Barcelona and the Fundaçao Leal Rios project, in collaboration with La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. It has been curated by the Foundation’s director and curator, Miguel Rios and includes pieces by artists Detanico Lain (Brazil), Francisco Tropa (Portugal), André Romão (Portugal) and Sophie Whettnall (Belgium). The exhibition brings together a series of pieces that raise different relationships between sound, the moving image, language and the expanded field of contemporary sculpture.

Addressing the relationship between sound and the moving image in the context of LOOP is crucial; sound directly affects the way a particular work is perceived and lived by the viewer (experience). This Leal Rios Foundation project also explores possible points of intersection between light and sound. As elements, both are realised and propagated as wave motions, in whose encounter and relationship with other objects in space the phenomenon of diffraction occurs. Ultimately they share characteristics such as being one of the (apparently intangible) primary sensory experiences, requiring a means of transport and possessing an imprecise nature (between particles and waves), while depending on the intensity of vibration they may even convey a sense of solidity.