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"Far Away Treasure"

09:0018:00 h
Venue: Mas nyamnyam
Carrer Can Caló, 38
17830 Mieres
Price: Free event

Can Serrat annual show __ #2018

With Marion Balac, Duncan Gibbs, Amery Kessler, Anna Wolfe-Pauly.

Curated by Quim Packard


For its 2018 curated annual exhibition, Can Serrat is collaborating with Quim Packard, who was invited during 2017 to follow projects produced in residency, and with NyamNyam who welcomes and co-curates the event in their space.


The exhibition is an open work session that involves cooking, eating and talking about the concept of artist residencies and their relation with colonial ideology and global capitalism. The meal will be made with ingredients foraged around the forest of el Bruc near the residency of Can Serrat. During the session we will weave together the history of artist residencies and there shared past with colonial exploration and foraging for food. Works by Marion Balac, Amery Kessler, Duncan Gibbs and Anna Wolfe-Pauly, artists who were in residency during the year 2017 in Canserrat will be presented to thread together the ideas of the workshop.


The history of exploration is heavily tangled with the history of exploitation. The main objectives behind many exploration missions was to discover new places to exploit and extract dry. The figure of the heroic explorer is haunted by its colonial past. The artist, the explorer and the colonialist share a common background. A common background that taints the artistic practice with the intrinsic ideology of colonialism, imperialism and global capitalism. As artist travel the world to show there work, expand their network and get inspired by local surroundings they carry along this ideology. How artist conceive there practice and how it is structured within a global economic system is implicitly tied to this heritage. Through this workshop we wish to debate this link and talk about artistic practice that might have aimed in a different direction. Re-thinking more locally based models of the artistic economy and profession by understanding its colonial past will be one of the goals of this activity. While eating and cooking we will talk about our relation with the resources the art sector needs to function and if other means of interacting are possible. It is becoming increasingly undoubtable that we must manufacturer, consum, farm and produce locally. We will discuss how can this be translated to the modes of production, organization and economy of the art sector.


In October, 2018, a publication will also be produced in collaboration with the designer Carles Murillo and the non profit organization l’Automatica.



The session will be conducted and orchestrated by Quim Packard and Nyamnyam.

Schedule :

  • 9h00-13h00 Foraging walk at Bruc and back to Barcelona __ meeting at Maria Cristina station. (limited seats)
  • 13h00 Workshop, talk and lunch at Nyamnyam __ (limited seats)


The event is divided in 2 parts, it is possible to join from the beginning at 9am for the foraging walk or to join for the lunch time directly in Espai Nyamnyam at 3pm.


To confirm your participation : please send an email to

“Far Away Treasure”