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Far South - Josep Maynou

19:0020:30 h
Venue: Bombon projects
Trafalgar 45, local 3
08010 Barcelona

“Far South is the short crossing, the domestic crusade of the disinterested pilgrim, the clueless horse rider too tall for a donkey, a tourist with sunglasses.

In an inversion of terms, this very obvious western and hipster explorer with no shame covers himself with a trendy cap to cross the reddish hills of the Moroccan desert immersed in his thoughts, refusing the heroicity with the rattle of the morning walk.

In his regular stays in rural Morocco in the province of Azilal, Josep Maynou works with the local artisans of a community which reality ends up entwining with the stories that the artist brings with himself from the western world.

These are the stories of the eternal rootless young globetrotter, the global contemporary and western individual; tales materialized in the joint production of works that follow traditional means of production and could not exist without the practice of the opposite -the paused and consensual integration, and the practice of mutual permeability.”

Sira Pizà