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Open call for dynamisation projects for Archive_Dossiers


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Open calls

Hangar, center of visual arts production and research launches an open call for dynamisation projects for Archive_Dossiers.
0. About Archive_Dossiers:
Archive_Dossiers is a dossiers repository of contemporary artists residing and/or working in Barcelona designed to promote and disseminate their work, and the context of art which they belong to. It’s also a meeting point for these artists and offers a service to the professionals by organising a programme of activities.
Archive_Dossiers is a unique intiative in the Catalan/Spanish artistic context, conceived and developed by the Centre d’Art Santa Monica (CASM) in 2006. In 2014 Hangar regained the project (stopped since 2009) gathering and updating the information compiled in files about different generations of artists working in Barcelona. To this end, it has set up a specific space attached to the Hangar media lab where updating is done and where we want to start a programme of activities.
Archive_Dossiers is a service for researchers, critics and curators, cultural managers, museum directors, curators, producers, and artists. The project is designed to promote relations between professionals and disseminate the work of active artists in the city of Barcelona and in the national and international environment, through the organisation of contemporary artistic production and its articulation and release in an appropriate environment.
1. Open Call objectives:
– General:
To elaborate an activity programme for Archive_Dossiers with the aim of contributing to the dynamisation of its contents.
– Specifics:
a) To develop new theoretical paths and incorporate the contents of the files in the professional field. It may include, among others, activities such as the presentation of the files and/or its contents by cultural agents (curators, art critics, writers, researchers, educators …) and artists, and visits intended for professionals for consulting and facilitating an efficient navigation through its contents.
b) To expand the number of users and create a new meeting place for artists, other professionals and the general public. It may include, among others, activities such as public presentations of the files and the artists included in them make the content accessible to all audiences.
2. Who is the call for and project requirements
– Artists, curators, art critics and researchers of any age and nationality, who want to propose a programme of activities based on the content of Archive_Dossiers.
– The call will consider projects that consider to involve different cultural agents to produce transverse File readings, live presentations of the trajectory of the artists,online displays of portfolios through streaming platforms or file reviews by professionals.
3. Project duration
The activities will take place during the last four months of 2015. The dates of the activities will be established by mutual agreement between Hangar and the selected candidate.
4. Conditions of the call
1. The application must be submitted via the online form.
2. Each candidate can apply for the call with a single project.
3. Hangar will make available to the beneficiary:
– Fees: € 3,000 gross.
– Technical and financial support for the development and production of the project up to 2000 € gross.
– The collaborator’s network of Hangar.
4. Hangar will offer a contract for professional services to the selected person for the duration of the activities.
5. Commitments of the selected project with Hangar
– To do a presentation in Hangar of the activity plan at the start of the project.
– To carry out the planned activities.
– To hang out a final project and an assessment report during the next month after the last activity is finished.
6. Selection Process
The application will be done through the implementation of the online form. The form will be opened from 29 June to 27 July 2015. The following information is requested *:
1. Personal Information
Full address (please include city and country)
Phone number
Repeat email
2. Curriculum vitae (up to 1500 characters including spaces).
3. Description of the project including:
Contents of the project (up to 5000 characters including spaces)
Targets (up to 1000 characters including spaces)
Expected results (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
How the project will be documented (up to 2000 characters including spaces)
Calendar and work plan
Budget in pdf. format
– Applications that don’t include the required information and/or exceed the limits of extension are not accepted.
– The selection committee may contact the shortlisted candidates for an interview.
7. Selection Committee
The selection committee will be composed by the Hangar’s Commission Programs.
8. Assessment criteria
The selection committee will evaluate the projects according to:
– Background of the applicant.
– The aligment of the proposal with the overall objectives of Arxiu_Dossiers.
– The feasibility and potential development of the project in Hangar.
– The quality, relevance and interest of the project.
9. Calendar
Period for submission of applications: from June 29 to July 27, 2015 at 00:00 h (GMT +1).
Results of the selection process: July 31, 2015.
Implementation of the project and its activities: last quarter of 2015.
For more information:
Marta Gracia

Hangar obre una convocatòria per a projectes de dinamització de l’Arxiu_Dossiers