There is a story about a woman who - Irene Solà - Art Nou

Venue: àngels barcelona
Carrer Pintor Fortuny, 27
08001 Barcelona
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“There is a story about a woman who goes into labor when the attending physician is tired. There is a story about a woman who herself was born too early. There is a story about a woman whose body clung to her child so hard they cut her to retrieve him. There is a story about a woman who heard a story about a woman who birthed wolf cubs in secret. When you think about it, stories have this way of running together like raindrops in a pond. Each is borne from the clouds separate, but once they have come together, there is no way to tell them apart”.

Her body and other parties, Carmen Maria Machado

There is a story about a woman who is a project that relates various narratives and icons, which have in common the image of a woman riding on a man, to whom he has often put a bridle in his mouth (or even turned into a horse or donkey). These stories and images appear in very different places and contexts; as accusations, in trials for witchcraft of the modern era, in European legends of the Medieval Age, in the context of the black community of South America, or in the story of Phyllis and Aristotle, a precautionary tale of Asian origin , which spreads, like a mushroom all over the West, producing an endless iconography, and which preaches against woman and her seductive wiles. The exhibition wants to reappropriate this icon of hatred, play with the irony that from a contemporary and critical perspective triggers the image, and reflect on how stories are reproduced, traveled, spread and survived. , of what imaginaries they construct and of what ideas, intentions and fears they walk.

Hi ha una història d’una dona que –